Welcome to The New Hotel

Only one block away from the ocean, The New Hotel gives you and your family the best of both worlds. Not only do you get a relaxing modern style room but you can also enjoy the experience of your own private and tranquil pool along with a poolside restaurant and bar to quench your hunger and thirst.

Enjoy the benefits of being in the heart of Miami Beach. Minutes away from great shopping and restaurants on Lincoln Road in South Beach only 10 minutes driving distance away.

Monday 65°F
10:30 AM

All rooms give you great access to the cool and soothing pool.  Each room includes a water boiler, refrigerator and a microwave oven.

-The Basic Room has a modern design which includes a convenient kitchenette. We have a deaf sensitive room with a security feature to keep the guests safe.

-The Deluxe offers a comfortable and modern atmosphere with all the amenities above.  One of our deluxe rooms is designed to be handicap accessible.

-The Pool suite gives you great poolside views along with a queen size bed and convenient kitchenette.


Price: $129.00


PRICE $135.00


PRICE $155.00


The Beach Life

We love it, we need it. The laid-back days, hot nights, aimless afternoons… walks along the beach, bicycle rides to the park, the simple pleasures, smells, and taste of island life. Simply sublime. We know that we have it all and can’t hold in our excitement. Our side of the Beach is away from it all, secluded, private, and pristine… the original Miami Beach. A place that the original “Rat Pack” used as their playground. Frank, Dean, Peter and Sammy. Filled with 2 new golf courses, blocks of tennis courts, miles of secluded beaches, and blocks of fun restaurants and unique shops, there is certainly something for everyone.

Miami's Nightlife

After dinning at our relaxing restaurant Blue Beer Garden Gastro Pub the night is just starting! The New Hotel is located 15 minutes away from the famous South Beach, recognized for it lively and vibrant night life, where bumping into a A list famous is a very possible thing to happen.

Famous night clubs and world wide recognized streets like Ocean Dr where dining with the breeze of the ocean is some of the things that make it amazing or Lincoln Rd going for drinks and walking around is a delightful experience.